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Chapter 5 Page 149

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Moving Sites

Hi, thank you to everyone who supported my webcomics over the last 10 years.

I have too many individual websites to update with news so I'm dropping some of the places including Smack Jeeves.

I'll still be making comics so please follow me onto the following social media sites


Please don't forget that most of my comics are in print and available to order through my Etsy shop


Thank you,
Sammy Borras

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London MCM Comic Con May 2017

Thank you to everyone at London MCM Comic Con - I had a surprisingly busy show compared to recent conventions. Special thanks to Sarah Fogg for helping SO MUCH and remaining upbeat despite a horrible head cold! It was a lot of fun doing convention ink drawings throughout the weekend. I'll probably start offering them at future shows :)

My next convention will be Glasgow Comic Con on the 1st July! I have a list of events in the blog sidebar, but if you can't make it please don't forget I have an Etsy shop.

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Giant Rhinos In Space #5 and Afroflux Comic Con

Giant Rhinos In Space #5 arrived from the printers today! The comic includes chapter 5 plus a gallery of illustrations in the back. I've made up bundles and everything is ready to launch at">London MCM Comic Con this weekend! My table will be on row G of the Comic Village (there isn't a map just yet, but check my Twitter for directions nearer the day)

I keep an up to date list of events on the blog sidebar - but listings are already on my Etsy shop if you can't make it to those particular cities. (International shipping available)

Thank you to everyone at Afroflux Comic Con at Birmingham Hippodrome on Sunday. It was great to catch up with friends and meet some really lovely people!

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DIY Cultures

I had a really great time at DIY Cultures yesterday helping out on the Do What You Want table with Clio Isadora. We only had one box of DWYW zines and they all sold - so thank you very much to everyone who bought a copy! Preorders are open for a 2nd print run of the zine, and an ebook is available from the website.

I'm going to be at Afroflux Comic Con this Sunday at the Birmingham Hippodrome. The event is Free entry so please come say hi! I will have more table space this time, so I'll bring a bigger selection of comics and zines. I've got plenty of free mini comics to hand out!

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The Midland Lo-Operatives Alternative Art Market

Thanks to everyone at The Midland Lo-Operatives Alternative Art Market at The Hare and Hounds yesterday. It was a quiet afternoon, but still lovely to watch live art progress and hang out with other Artists from the local area who wouldn’t normally at the same sorts of events. There were talks about growing the event and the next one falling some
time in June so look out for that!

Special thanks for Olly for inviting me along. It was great to meet Lewes Herriot who designs great posters for This Is TMRW - a lot of my gig sketches are from their events. You can find more beautiful fantasy/adventure illustrations on his website.

My next booked event isn't until May - I'm hoping to book a couple more events in the summer so check the webcomic homepage for an up to date list. Don't forget I have an Etsy shop which ships worldwide. Thanks!

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Birmingham MCM Comic Con March 2017

Thank you to everyone who came by my table at Birmingham MCM Comic Con over the weekend. It was a relatively quiet show but still really lovely to catch up with convention friends after a longer winter break. I had fun doing convention commissions for the first time in years, it went ok so I'm considering offering them at future shows.

The next event I’m going to be at is The Midland Lo-Operatives this Sunday afternoon at The Hare and Hounds. It’s at a venue I often end up gig sketching at, so will be nice to be take the music zines there for an Alternative Art Market. Thanks, see you there!

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Chapter 5 Coming Soon

Hi! Sorry for taking such a long break between chapters. 2016 ended up being a busy year for anthologies and music zines. It looks like I’ve finally found an opportunity to get this project back out. I’m super excited to start drawing these aliens again! I’m not going to make any promises on exact launch dates just yet, just in case other work comes up - but I’m currently aiming for late spring.

Chapter 5 is going to be the last in the story, so to make the release extra special I’m compiling a gallery of illustrations to go in the back pages of the printed comic. If you’d like to draw the characters and see them in print, now’s your chance!


Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Technical Specs

Black & White
A5 with 2mm bleed (That’s 148x210mm trimmed. The file should be 152x214mm)

Email files to and include the following information

Name you wish to be credited as:
Link to your work:
Address (to post you a complimentary copy of the book):


I had a long break from conventions over winter, so I’m really looking forward to seeing you all again! Here is a little list of booked events so far (check the webcomic homepage an up to date list of events)

Birmingham MCM Comic Con - 18th-19th March 2017
Alt-Art-Mart at The Hare & Hounds - 26th March 201
London MCM Comic Con - 26th-28th May 2017
Glasgow Comic Con - 1st July 2017
Thought Bubble - 23rd-24th September 2017

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Birmingham MCM Comic Con November 2016

Thank you to everyone at Birmingham MCM Comic Con - it was a really lovely way to end autumn convention season. I don’t have any specific events booked for 2017 yet but I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again in the new year so look out for announcements :)

Don’t forget I have an online Etsy shop for all my comics + zines. Thank you!

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