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Chapter 4 Page 118

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Manchester MCM Comic Con 2016

Hey! I’d like to say thank you to everyone at Manchester MCM Comic Con last weekend! It’s one of my fave MCM’s of the year so it was lovely to be back. I had a laugh sat between Chibby Shibby and Sian Jefferson.

Special thanks to my sister, Lisa for minding the table while I went to the loo and fetched water and stuff. <3 and thanks to Nikki Stu for the super adorable Oddish drawing and to MrDarkWho for the drawing of Jay from MiscFits!

I don’t have any events booked in August, but I can confirm most the autumn events now so here is the list ...

BIRMINGHAM | ICE International Comics Expo | 10th September 2016
GLASGOW | Scotland MCM Comic Con | 24th-25th September 2016
BRISTOL | Bristol Comic & Zine Fair | 1st October 2016
LONDON | London MCM Comic Con | 28th-30th October 2016
LEEDS | Thought Bubble (New Dock Hall) | 5th-6th November 2016

(TBC -Birmingham MCM Comic Con)

Thanks, see you there!

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London MCM Comic Con May 2016

Thank you to everyone at London MCM Comic Con May 2016!! I'm really sorry I was pretty sick for most the weekend and missed a lot of people! James did a great job manning the table for me and looked after me in the evenings. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help! Considering how ill I was, I actually manged to have a fun weekend.

The next comics events will be in July. I'll be at Orbital Comics (London) on Saturday 9th for Small Press Day (event times and info coming soon) and then Manchester MCM Comic Con 30th-31st (in the Comic Village). See you there!

Don't forget that you can order comics, zines and merchandise online though my Etsy shop! Thanks!

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Comica Comiket 2016

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Thank you to everyone at Comica Comiket yesterday! I had a really lovely time sharing a table with Kripa Joshi, the creator of Miss Moti and watching the drawing parade.

The next event will be London MCM Comic Con. You'll be able to find table CL7 in the Comic Village section of the event. There will be Comic Village ceiling banners and a map in the show guide. I will have a full table this time so I have space for a folder of original drawings. I have around 400 hand folded free mini comics to hand out, so please come say hi!

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Birmingham Comics Festival 2016

 photo 46_zpsnhcrg9ea.jpg

Thank you to everyone who came by our table at the Birmingham Comics Festival!! - I had so much fun sharing with Charlotte from Laydeez Do Comics Birmingham and Joe Krawec & Angus Medford! The West Midlands comics scene is full of lovely people!

The Laydeez Do Comics Hometown anthology is now available to order online through this Big Cartel shop! and join us on Facebook for regular updates about LDC Birmingham events!

The next event will be Comica Comiket at The House of Illustration on the 14th May. Make sure you try to see the Comix Creatrix and Shojo manga exhibitions before they end - LDC Birmingham did a field trip a couple of weeks ago and it was excellent!!

See the webcomic homepage for a up to date list of events - and don't forget my comics and zines can be ordered online through my Etsy shop (the Grimes Fanzine is now back in stock!)

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InZine #5

 photo 46_zpsnhcrg9ea.jpg

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table at InZine Fest #5. It's always a lovely relaxed atmosphere and I had a great time chatting to local comics friends Joe Krawec, Timothy Conroy and Rees Finlay.

The next event will be the Birmingham Comics Festival - I'll be sharing a table with Joe Krawec and Angus Medford
who will be launching their new comic Blood. (I wont be taking the
folder of original drawings to this event due to space) I will have free
mini comics to hand out.

I can also now confirm a 1/2 table at Thought Bubble! I'm super excited because it's my favourite event of the year. The convention will held on the first weekend of November.

An up to date list of events can be found on the webcomic homepage (more added once confirmed) - Please don't forget I have an Etsy shop which ships world wide.

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Birmingham MCM Comic Con 2016

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Thanks to everyone at Birmingham MCM Comic Con this weekend! I had a good time hanging out in the comic village! My next event will be the InZine Fair #5 - a free event in Coventry on Saturday 26th March 2016. I wont be taking the drawing folder or full merchandise to this one but I will still have free mini comics to hand out! Thanks!

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Liverpool MCM Comic Con 2016

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Thanks for reading this week! This is the last page of the chapter so this webcomic will now go on a break for a bit. Look out because , Misc Fits will be the next comic I post online. Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who came by my table at Liverpool MCM Comic Con. Sorry for setting up a bit late, that was the earliest train available. Sorry if I missed you on Saturday evening, I was unwell and when the convention hall got quieter I decided to leave early to rest up for the next day. Table neighbors, venue and MCM staff and convention punters were all lovely at this show, thanks for looking out for me!

I'll be at Birmingham MCM Comic Con at the NEC this weekend - you can find my table CD4 in the Comic Village (there should be maps available in the show guide - which should go online in the next couple of days). I will have free mini comics to hand out, so please come say hi! More events listed on the webcomic homepage or you can order online through Etsy.

Thanks again!

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Midlands MCM Comic Con 2016

 photo 46_zpsnhcrg9ea.jpg

Thank you very much to everyone who came to my table at Midlands MCM Comic Con on Saturday. I had a great time with my table neighbours Ryuuza and Penguinsbite! My next convention will be Liverpool MCM Comic Con in March - Please don't forget I have an online Etsy shop and I can ship internationally - thank you!

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